Certificates of Registration

About this collection

Certificates of Registration National Register of the Republic of Hawaii Collection, were records issued to people from foreign countries including China and Japan, as well as native Hawaiians who lived in the district of Honolulu in 1896. The certificates may include the following information about the person it was issued to: name, age, country of birth, residence, date of arrival to Hawaii, marital status, occupation, location of occupation, name of employer, residence of employer, distinguishing marks or features, and thumb mark. The certificate also included a certificate number, date and signature of the registrar.

Note: The names from these Certificates of Registration collection were compared to the names that were published in the city directory (Polk Honolulu, Hawaii, city directory) for the year 1896 to 1897. If there were any variations, the name(s) are presented in brackets, alongside with what has been transcribed from the original. However names in brackets may also reflect what is on the original if there were more than one name on the document, i.e. aliases, or if the letters were illegible, different spellings were entered to allow for more possible matches.

Each record has a unique call number, which is comprised of the series number and the certificate number.