Judiciary Records

This collection includes the most requested Hawaiian Kingdom probate case files in the Hawaii State Archives Judiciary Collection. More cases will be added as they are requested by researchers and when the case files complete the digitization process.

In order to divide the estate of a deceased person, probate proceedings were initiated and the division of property and wealth were adjudicated in the circuit courts and the Supreme Court. Case files generally contain the following documents:
• petition for letters of administration
• order of notice of petition for administration
• affidavit of publication
• clerk's minutes
• order of administration
• inventory of property
• wills
• petition for allowance of accounts and discharge in deceased estates
• executors, administrators, guardians or trustee's accounts
• inventory of final settlement
• order of notice of petition for allowance of final accounts and discharge in deceased estates
• master's report; and order approving accounts and discharge.

Case files usually provide death date and place of death and inventories of personal possessions. Files frequently list the names of surviving family members such as the husband, wife, children, father, mother, brothers or sisters, and other relatives of the deceased. Adoptions and guardianships were filed with probate cases starting in 1859 when judges were authorized to legalize adoptions. Documents are in Hawaiian and English. Some Hawaiian documents have been translated to English by the courts and Archives translators.

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