Official Journals of the Legislature of the Republic of Hawaii

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The Official Journals of the Legislature of the Hawaiian Kingdom, 1841-1892 contain the approved minutes of daily sessions of the Legislative Council (1841-1850); House of Nobles (1851-1862); House of Representatives (1854, 1856, 1858-1859); and Legislative Assembly (1864-1862) of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Compiled from draft minutes kept during each day's session and transcribed after adjournment, the journals document the regular proceedings of the legislative body indicated for each volume.

The records consist primarily of summary record of motions; bills and resolutions introduced, referred and read; and results of votes, sometimes including a record of individual votes cast. Occassionally includes a summary of discussion, points of order, waiver of rules, and a record of petitions and other communications received. Normally includes, verbatim, the Monarch's speech as well as the names of members, as part of the journal of the first day of each legislative session. Provides a glimpse of the activities of individual members, measures they introduced and issues with which they were involved, from construction of roads to regulation of "spirituous liquor."

Unlike journals of latter legislatures, this series does not include the full text of committee reports.

So far only Journals from 1895-1897 are included in this digital collection. More Journals will be added as they complete the digitization process.

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